This pandemic has taken all of us by storm and it has basically just disturbed everything. One thing that was most impacted due to this pandemic is the education. Schools and colleges were shut. So after shopping, education also went online. Though e-learning platforms have been around for a while now but the sudden rise in the number of these online education websites is unprecedented.

If you have also started an online learning website then this article is for you.

The most important thing for any website is to draw more and more traffic and rank higher in the rankings. But now that we are surrounded with thousands of e-learning platforms it becomes very difficult to climb to the top. Then what is that which can help your website reach to the top of the search engine results page.

The answer is: SEO

You must be having many doubts in your mind. Just bear with me, I will be discussing about what is SEO and what are some SEO tactics that you can use for building successful e-learning platforms.    

Let’s start

First of all I will briefly introduce you to SEO

What is SEO?

SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the tactics that are used to drive organic traffic to a website. It is an unpaid strategy unlike SEM (Search Engine Marketing) which is a paid tactic to draw traffic to the website. SEO is critical for every website not just because it drives traffic to your site, it eventually affects the ranking of your site. If your SEO strategy is successful then your site will rank higher in the Google ranking. Hence, SEO is an important part of Digital Marketing strategy.

Now, let’s see six effective SEO tactics that you can employ to make your online education website successful.

6 SEO tactics for e-learning platforms

e-learning platforms

1. Run SEO audit

First, it is important to find out the issues with your site. If your site has any shortcomings, for that you have to perform a SEO audit. Because issues get backlogged due to negligence. So run SEO audit time to time so that you can identify the issue and then go ahead to fix it.

2. Useful Content

Well, when it is related to education it should be top class. The content should be beneficial and valuable to the learner. Google ranks websites according to how useful content they provide to readers. You have to provide the most helpful resources to the learners. What makes a successful educational institute stand apart from its counterparts, Quality education and good marketing. So, before going into the marketing part you need to put out quality content for your students.

3. Optimized website

One of the most important aspect after the quality of content is the level of optimization of the website. If it is well optimized for the desktop users then you are making a mistake. You can’t make your site successful with desktop users alone. A large fraction of population uses mobile phones hence, it is important to make sure that your website is mobile friendly.

Your site should be responsive and it should load quickly as well. Google now officially prefers to rank sites that are mobile friendly over those that aren’t. So, to make it to the top list of the search engine results page you need to make your website mobile friendly.

4. Keyword strategy

Without a doubt, keywords are the most important factor of an effective SEO. The right keywords will always drive the maximum amount of traffic to your site. You need to put right and relevant keywords in your content to make your site more visible in the search engine results page. You need to identify the keywords that your audience might search for. For instance, if your platform offers course in chemistry then you can use keywords like “best online chemistry course.” You have to think from the user perspective.

5. Eye catching titles

Though it comes under website development but it is still important for SEO. Your website should be attractive enough to gather the attention of the users. You should use big, catchy titles. Don’t put a lot of content on your home page. Write brief introductions about your programs and courses. You can float your best course on your site. Besides that you can list the students who successfully completed your course.

6. Building links

You can not overlook building links as far as off-page SEO is concerned. It means improving inbound links on your site. You can attach quality backlinks or links to related articles or blogs. But always check the domain authority and page authority of that site.

Summing up

Starting an online education platform is not an easy task to do. You need a proper planning and the right marketing strategy. And SEO is an indispensable part of this marketing strategy.

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