Are you trying to boost the sales of your business? Then you are at the right place. In this article I will be going to discuss about 6 effective tactics of digital marketing which you can use to boost your business.

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Starting a business is not easy and then getting into digital marketing to promote your business is also not an easy thing to do. The next difficult task is to boost the sales. With digital marketing you can ensure that your business grows, but for that to happen you have to implement several strategies which will help your business to increase its sales. Online marketing can make the world of a difference to your business growth rate. Just look at the e-commerce giants like Amazon and eBay, how they have risen to this platform of success through online marketing. Likewise if a business utilizes the online platform strategically then the sales would definitely increase.

6 effective tactics to boost your business

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So, lets see six effective tactics of digital marketing that you might use to boost your business.

1. Utilize social media

We all are aware of the power of social media in the modern world. How it can boost the breakthrough of artists and how it can boost the growth of a brand. With more than 4 Billion users across all the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more, it has revolutionized our way of living and working. I mean the first thing people do when they wake up in the morning is scrolling Instagram or Facebook.

Ads are an important part of online marketing. Social media is the best platform to do that. These large, open platforms can be used to run ads. You have to take complete advantage of this online platform in order to grow your business. The strength of social media should not be ignored and its optimization should be done properly.

2. Don’t overlook Mobile optimization

Mobile phone users unarguably, has taken over the desktop users in the entire world. More than 80 percent of internet users run internet on their smartphones. People check their mails and other updates on their smartphones only. Now a days mobile applications have provided such hassle-free user experience that people prefer to use the apps over website. For instance, more number of people shop from the Amazon app than its website. And since smartphone users are so huge in number you can’t ignore them.

It is important to focus on the mobile version of your site. Your website should be well optimized for mobile phone as well. It increases your prospects as well as it improves the SEO of your site which helps in drawing more organic traffic to your site. It eventually improves the ranking of the website. Mobile optimization influences keywords, aesthetics, ability to navigate and design structure of your website.

3. Use high quality product pictures

Would you prefer a story in a textual form or in a pictorial form? Most of the people will choose the latter one. It is because pictures are attractive and they give away the information in a quick manner. In order to boost the sales you need to put high quality images of your product. The images should be attractive and appealing. Besides that they should be informative as well. Your audience should get an idea from the picture what you are offering them.

According to a survey, posts with high quality images get approx. 87 percent more responses and 37 percent higher clicks that the no-image posts. Pictures let you tell a story to the audience, it also shows your professionalism and enhances your credibility. That is why you need to invest in good photography for your business. Because you can’t describe every product in a paragraph. Putting high quality images of product will definitely increase the conversion.

4. Put out customer reviews

This is one of the most important thing that a customer likes to see before he or she decides to purchase a product. Even whenever I am doing online shopping, the first thing I go to is the review section. When we shop online, we aren’t sure about how the product will actually look, what will be the quality of the product.

So we like to know if somebody else has bought the product so that he or she can tell their experience of the product with us in case the product isn’t good we would drop our idea of purchasing it. So, it would be a great tactic to show the reviews and feedback of your previous and existing customers so that your new customers can get some help. The reviews should be original and not fake. This increases your credibility and reliability.

5. Easy Return and Refund policy

No doubt online shopping is great and convenient. But one thing about offline shopping that we all love is the ease to return the product. Many times it can happen that we bought a product and it turned out to be not as we expected. In that case, customers expect you to help them out. Easy return option should be available to the customers.

Also if you offer full refund on a product that customers did not like, then that would be the icing on the cake. Because people will not spend their money on a product that they don’t know how it is actually like and if it isn’t good then whether they would get the refund or not. SO, if you offer money-back guarantee then people can shop freely on your site.

6. Multiple payment options

This is also another important factor that influences customers decision to buy a product. Not everybody has credit cards to shop online. You need to provide multiple payment option to your audience. Because your audience can include people from all walks of life. They can be working professionals or they can be students as well.

So, for those you can give the pay on delivery option. You can include various other platforms like Mobile wallet, Google pay, Apple pay etc. Otherwise you will lose many of your potential customers. Now a days bitcoins are getting very popular and many big brands are planning to incorporate them into their payment methods so this can be an option too.

To wrap up

Digital marketing is a vast frontier. It encompasses so many forms and tactics. These were the most important ones. In order to reach the wider audience you need to take steps to cater to the needs of every section of the audience or you will get behind your competitors.  

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