If you want to expand the domain of your marketing strategy then you should consider Email Marketing. Why? You will find out in this article.

We are surrounded with various forms of Digital Marketing like Content Marketing, Social Media marketing and many more. Though Email marketing is not new but its use has increased manifolds in recent times. It is a direct and effective way of connecting to your target customers, bolstering them and trying to convert them into permanent customers. It would be a huge mistake to think that email has gone out of style now. But it is not true. Email are still in very much use. Still for all the official purposes email is used. Whether for sending documents or reports or any confidential documentation, Email is widely used. Defeating social media, SEO and affiliate marketing, Email marketing has topped the list of the most effective marketing channels.

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is an efficient way to build a connection with your audience. Product information is sent through emails to the audience in a try to convert them into permanent and loyal customers. People tends to make their decision based on the information they receive so it is important that only relevant information is sent to them.

Why you should add Email Marketing to your Marketing list?

Email marketing

Now the question is we have various types of marketing channels already in use then why do we need email marketing. Well let me tell you some benefits of Email marketing.

Lets cut to the chase

➽ Cost effective

If we compare Email marketing to traditional form of marketing, the latter one is definitely expensive. For instance, printing flexes and pamphlets, putting up big banners costs a lot more money. While in email marketing, no such expense is required. You just need to prepare a list of targeted customers, the right strategy and the correct tool to start an effective email marketing campaign.

➽ Best platform for communication

It is well known that a huge percentage of world’s population uses email as a means of communication. This gives a huge opportunity to businesses to capitalize on this huge population. A great way to do that is to collect the important information from your potential customers along the subscription process and use it to make the plan of communication with them based on their needs and preferences. If you provide them the relevant information they need, you can retain them as long term customers.

➽ Easy access to smartphone users

It is evident that the number of smartphone users are more than the number of desktop users. So you should not ignore such a massive audience. People prefer to use smartphones to check their emails rather than to use computers. First because, mobile phones are portable, you can take them anywhere with you, you can check your mails anytime, at any place. But with desktop, you can’t take your personal computer with you everywhere.

So through email marketing you can increase the subscribers on your mailing list. And as a result the chances of conversion will also increase. You can also use your offline events to improve email marketing. You can send the information about the event to your subscribers and can ask them to be the attendees. Plus you can ask the new attendees to subscribe to your mailing list.  

➽ Better return on investment (ROI)

Many studies have established the fact that out of all the marketing channels, email marketing brings better return on investment (ROI). so if you plan out the perfect strategy carefully then you can reap the best ROI for your business through your marketing campaign.  

➽ You control everything

You are in total control in your email marketing communication. How? Let’s see

  • You get to design the resources like web forms, landing pages and structure of the email.
  • You get to decide the kind of email marketing campaign you would like to run.
  • Plus you can categorize your mailing list according to the needs of the customers.
  • In other channels of marketing, organic traffic is affected by changing Google algorithms. Email marketing do not have such an issue. Because here you don’t have to wait for your audience to find your content as you are sending the mails directly to them individually.

➽ Email is owned by you

Paid, earned and owned are the three categories of digital marketing strategy. Email is an owned medium. It is totally controlled by the respective business. They are in control of everything. They can decide who they want to put in their mailing list and they can remove anybody from their list as well. Whereas in social media marketing you can not choose your audience. Your mails are reaching to the ones you want. Nobody can take away those leads from you.

To wrap up

Email marketing is such a great and cheap method to enhance your business. You have your personal audience. You can build a stable connection with them through emails. The quality of information will influence their buying decision. So make sure you send the best quality information to them so hopefully they become your loyal customers.

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