Are you familiar with local SEO? Do you know what Google Local 3-Pack is and how your business can benefit from it? If no, then this post is for you. Read on and find out all about Google Local 3-Pack.

Search engine optimization is important for an online business in order to reach its target market on the internet. However, for some years now, there’s been an emphasis on local SEO. Now, what is that?

In simple words, it implies that instead of optimizing for general reach, you optimize your business for local search visibility. This ensures that when someone searches for your business type in your area, your company is ranked well. For example, if there is a digital agency in Liverpool, Sydney, it’d want to be ranked high if someone searches for “digital agencies in Sydney” or “digital agencies in Liverpool”, or something like that. This is concisely what local SEO helps a business do.

Local SEO can have immense benefits for a business. And do you know what can make it even better? Getting your business listed in the Google Local 3-Pack. So, what is it and how it works? That’s all we’ll be answering in this post.

Google Local 3-Pack—All you need to know

All you need to know about Google Local 3-Pack

What is Google Local 3-Pack?

When you search for a business, you must have noticed that generally a rectangle displaying three businesses appears at the top of the SERP. That is simply what Google Local 3-Pack is. The business information typically contains:


N: Name of the business

A: Address of the business (along with location on map)

P: Phone number of the business using which you can contact them

This way, Google lists the 3 businesses that it deems would be best suited for the searcher in the given geographical area.

What are the benefits of getting listed in Google Local 3-Pack?

Getting your business listed in the Google’s local 3-pack can have immense benefits for local small businesses. There are some key benefits to name:

  • Higher click through rates
  • Better SEO outcomes
  • Increased web traffic
  • More in-store traffic
  • An opportunity to even beat out big businesses and brand in your area
  • Quicker conversions
  • A large amount of business searches have local intent

…and all this will lead to more sales, higher profits, and overall improved business. Hence, you should aim to get your business listed on Google Local-3 Pack.

Now the question is, how to do that? So, here’s…

The best tips to help your business appear in Google Local 3-Pack

#Business information

Google wants to make sure that it has the right information about a business and display it along on the local 3 pack. Now for that, you need to make sure that your company’s all important information is available on your website. And not only that but you also need to ensure the said information about your business is spread consistently around different platforms on the internet. This will help Google ensure that it’s sharing right information with the searchers.

Not to forget Google displays address, phone number, timings, etc. along with the business’s name. So, make sure that all the crucial information like the name of your business, its address, phone number, key services, closing and opening times, and so on is accurately available on your website, GMB page, and other handles.

#Have a Google My Business Page

If you haven’t claimed your business on Google My Business, do it now. Your business in all likelihood would already be listed in the GMB directory. Claiming your business on GMB will allow you to control and optimize your page. You can fill all the important business information in it, post photos and videos of your business, update information, and so on. Having an active GMB page will enhance the chances of your business getting listed on Google local pack by manifolds.

#Reviews and ratings on Google My Business

Getting ratings and reviews on your GMB page can greatly improve the chances of getting your business listed on Google local pack. Rating and reviews affirm a business’s credibility. It helps customer get a fair idea about what a business is like. Hence, Google values highly rated and reviewed businesses over those with lesser or none of it. So, you should encourage your happy customers to rate and review your business on Google.

#Local SEO

Make your generalized SEO approach more targeted. So, focus your SEO onto earning leads and customers from the areas where your business serve instead of looking for a generalized reach on the internet. This will help ensure that when your business type is searched for in relation to the area it is located in, your company ranks high. And eventually, this can help make your business appear in the local 3-pack.

#Mobile optimization

Local search is typically done through mobile phones. And though mobile-friendliness is important for all SEO and digital marketing, it is especially crucial for local SEO. Hence, if you want to improve your chances of getting listed on the Google local 3-pack, you should optimize your online presence for mobile phones. So, make sure your website is if mobile friendly.

Wrap up

Digital marketing and search engine optimization is important for an online business. However, as a local business, you should focus more on improve your visibility of local search. And this way, you will be able to enjoy immense SEO benefits while also improving your chances of getting listed on Google local 3-pack—which would be further even more beneficial for your business.

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