As the digital market keeps going through constant evolution, many marketing practices become obsolete and die out. However, despite of being one of the oldest online marketing tactics, email marketing continues to be as effective as ever. No matter the size or type of your business, it can be a really effective form of marketing. Wondering how? Then read on this article to learn about the top 10 benefits of email marketing.

Since the online market came into existence, it has seen constant evolution. As a result, there have many marketing forms that became outdated and vanished. However, email marketing has not lost its efficacy regardless of being one of the founding digital marketing tactics.

Variety of businesses, all big and small, continue to use emails as a form of marketing. On the other hand, there is a myth that email marketing may not be as effective now anymore. However, this is far from true. If you are considering to market your brand using email but aren’t sure of its efficacy, then the list below can help you clear the fog.

Top 10 Benefits of Email Marketing

10 best benefits of email marketing

#1 Pocket friendly

Email marketing is an extremely pocket friendly means of digital marketing. This is why it is so easy to begin with it. Even if yours is a small business with limited funds, you can easily do email marketing. All you might need to do is maybe invest a little in an email marketing tool that lets you send bulk emails.

#2 Easy to get started with

Getting started with email marketing is also quite simple as compared to other forms of marketing. All you need to do is build an email list, set up an email account for marketing, and you’ll be good to go.

#3 Ease of measurement

Measuring your marketing results is essential to ensure that your efforts are going in the right direction. Email marketing is generally very easy to measure. Even an average software tool can help you ascertain the open, click-through, and conversion rates.

#4 Easy to improve

You may find some mistake in your marketing copy that needs to be corrected or you might simply just want to improve something. Making changes and improvement in other marketing campaigns can be difficult. For example, an advertisement to be aired or some print to be made. However, in email marketing, you can make such changes almost immediately.

#5 Higher returns of investment

Email marketing gives higher returns on investment than most other marketing forms. Wondering why is that? Well, it is mainly due to the fact that it is the only marketing channel where audience themselves ask to be informed about your business. To send out emails, businesses have to have customers sign up for email subscription. And since it is entirely up to customers whether or not they want to sign up, you’d know that those who do sign up are genuinely interested in your business and would respond well.

#6 Better customer engagement

Email marketing is an important channel for conversational marketing. And as you know, conversational marketing is a highly effective medium for customer engagement. Hence, email marketing is a highly effective means of engaging customer. And not to mention the fact that this is an already engaged audience with makes this form of marketing even more effective.

#7 Sharing emails is easy

Emails are easily shareable. Upon finding a good deal in an email, the receiver can easily share it with their friends and family. This can help your emails reach a wider audience. And as you know, people tend to take recommendations made by their friends and family more seriously. So, this can improve your email’s open and click-through rate.

#8 Target better

Email marketing helps in refining targeting with one of its most useful features—segmentation. Depending upon the various demographics of your target audience like location, gender, age, etc., you can segment your email list. This will allow you to target them better and send them emails that they’d find of maximum value given their demographics.

#9 Entice instant action

Most people access their emails using mobile phones. Hence, sending emails will allow you to reach your target market in real time. Now, the advantage that you have here is that most ‘impulsive buying’ is done through mobile phones. And the shortness of the buying route only facilitates this tendency. Hence, if your receivers can buy certain goods within a couple of clicks, there’s a greater chance they’d act on it. And that is just what email marketing helps you achieve.

#10 Drive higher revenue

Having read the points above, I’m sure certain things must be clear by now. Email marketing leads to higher returns on investment and has better chances at closing a deal. And the ease of sharing only helps it multiply. Hence, all this come together and contribute to driving higher revenue.


Email marketing is a highly effective means of online marketing. It’s quick and easy to start with and require little to no investment in the beginning. And there are many more benefits of email marketing as mentioned above that make is worth for every type of business. So, set up can email subscription page on your website now and start creating your email list.

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