Blogging can be a very gainful method of content marketing for a business. However, due to some of the commonly made mistakes, it doesn’t pan out well for many businesses. Thus, you need to make sure that you steer clear from such mistakes. And for this, this article come in really handy. So, read on and learn about some of the commonly made blogging mistakes.

Content marketing is an important model of digital marketing. And blogging is central to it. As digital marketing agencies in Vancouver tell, blogging is important for effective SEO. And a good thing is blogging is easy to start plus requires little to no investment to begin. This is why even small businesses can do this.

However, the success of your blog also depends on how you do it. For many, blogging doesn’t work out because they approach it the wrong way. Thus, to help you ensure that you don’t do the same, we have listed some of the common blogging mistakes below. Learning about them will allow you to ensure that you keep clear from them.

Commonly made blogging mistakes

Commonly Made Blogging Mistakes


Many businesses start a blog but only few succeed. Why? A very common reason is the lack of consistency. Searching blog ideas, creating quality content, and to do all this regularly can become something difficult for a business to keep up with. As a result, many give up or become very inconsistent about it. And apparently, with limited resources and a number of other important things to do, it can become difficult for a small business. This explains why many smart businesses hire digital marketing agencies in Edmonton for content marketing services.

#No marketing

It is content “marketing” for a reason. If you don’ market your content, you won’t get much readers for your blogs. And as a result, your blog will fail. Therefore, make sure you market your content well. Many businesses tend to make this mistake. Make sure you don’t do the same. For one, don’t forget social sharing. And secondly, you can also create and email list and share your blogs with those who’d be interested in it.

#Overlooking links

Including relevant inbound and outbound links in your blogs is really important. As you should know, link-building plays a significant role in SEO. Moreover, you need inbound links to ensure that your blog readers engage with you website by clicking on them. However, many businesses tend to overlook the important of including links. So, make sure that you aim for at least 3 t 4 internal links and at least on external link in your blogs.

#Not using proper keywords

Keywords bear central importance in search engine optimization. Therefore, you need to make sure that you use them properly. However, many businesses have little to no proper keyword strategy. And as a result, their blogs don’t get much visibility or traffic. So, make sure that you properly research your keywords and incorporate them optimally in your content.

#Keyword stuffing

Keywords are indeed really important for effective search engine optimization. However, overdoing it can also be bad for you. If you insert too many keywords in your blogs, Google may instead penalize you. So, make sure that you don’t stuff your content with too many keywords. And how can you ensure it? By using SEO tools like Yoast that let you maintain an ideal amount of keywords in your content.

#Prioritizing numbers

Do you think that you ‘have to’ make a certain number of posts every day or must write a certain number of words per post? If yes, then you need to change your mindset. Such types myths are one of the common reasons why many businesses fail to maintain a great blog. So, make sure to rid yourself of such ideas. Google does not care about the number of posts you make per day or number of words you use in a post. It prioritizes the quality of your content. If you can only create one quality post in two days, then be it so, or whatever is your limit. You can adequately explain a topic in limited words? That is fine too, you don’t need to make it a certain number. All your readers eventually care about is the quality of your content, and so does Google.


Blogging is one of the most important medium for content marketing. It is crucial for SEO and can enhance your overall digital marketing. However, not many businesses succeed in it due some common mistakes. And with the help of the list given above, you will learn about the most common of those and will be able to ensure that you steer clear from them. Or else, you can totally rid yourself from all these worries and hire content marketing services from digital marketing agencies in Montreal.

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