Marketing through emails is one of the older digital marketing methods but nevertheless it is still very effective. Therefore, it continues to be an important part of online marketing. If done right, email marketing can have great benefits for a business—high ROI, increased conversion rates, overall better revenue, and so on. Is your current email campaign not working out? Then read on and find the 10 best tips to improve your email marketing campaign.

Email marketing can be very beneficial for a business. Moreover, this method of marketing generally yields higher returns on investment than most others. No matter the type and size of your business, or your marketing budget for that matter—email marketing can optimize your overall marketing campaign like nothing else.

In fact, due to its pocket-friendliness and the fact that it is a simple marketing program to begin with, even small businesses can easily do this form of digital marketing. And since it is one such marketing channel that the audience itself asks to receive, it generally has yields high ROI and conversion rates.

And so you can get the best out of it, we have listed below the…

10 Best Tips to Improve your Email Marketing Campaign

10 Best Tips to Improve your Email Marketing Campaign

#1 Write compelling subject lines

Subject line is the first thing our eye catches when we see an email in our inbox. Therefore, it is important to hook the reader right there if you want them to open and engage with your email. So, make sure to write enticing and compelling subject lines that are also short enough to be displayed within the list. But make sure not to mislead your receivers with it into opening the email or else it’d be bad for your campaign.

#2 Do A/B testing on subject lines

If you can’t single out which subject line is the best, you can try A/B testing. In fact, you should do it anyway to make sure that you are using the most effective subject line. For this, narrow down your best subject lines to two and test them both. Find out which one gets the best response and use it. There are certain tools like MailChimp, Active Campaign, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, etc. that can help you with this.

#3 Send email as an individual

If you want people to actually engage with your email, it is important that you send it as an individual from a particular business and not just as the business itself. People want to communicate with real people. Therefore, it is best advised to use a real person’s name as the sender. It will increase the chances of receivers engaging with your emails.

#4 Personalize your emails

In all probability, there are many other businesses that are sending mails to your receivers. Therefore, you need to ensure that you connect with your audience a little more personally. Customers want to feel more than just numbers. And hence, just addressing them with their names can make a huge difference in your email marketing campaign. So, think about what personalization can do? Use data that you have in your receiver and personalize your message accordingly. It will increase the chances of your email being taken seriously by manifold.

#5 Make sure customers get value out of your emails

People subscribe to emails only when they believe they can get something really beneficial out of it. Nobody likes receiving unnecessary emails with mediocre content. In fact, this can get annoying and people might just end up unsubscribing. Hence, make sure that your customers get great value out of your emails. Whatever you are sending to them—articles, newsletters, offers—it has to be worth it. Make sure to deliver the best of what your email subscriber form promised.

#6 Do proper segmentation of your email list

This further extends the point of sending only relevant and very useful emails to your receivers. In that case, email segmentation is very important. This is especially so when your target audience has diverse demographics. You can segment your email list in multiple ways—on the basis of age, location, gender, profession, and so on. For one, if there is an ‘in-store’ sale in a city, there’d be no point in sending that mail to people living outside it. But with location based segmentation of your email list in the hand, you can ensure that you are marketing the right thing to the right audience only.

#7 Do not include heavy loading media files

Using images and all in an email is a good idea. It makes it more engaging. However, it is also important to keep in mind that most people access their emails through their mobile phones. Hence, heavy resource images or other media files can be difficult to load. This can defeat your whole purpose. Therefore, keep in mind to not include heavy loading media files in your email. And if need to include such file, don’t send it with the mail, embed it instead.

#8 Use CTA

Don’t hesitate from using CTA elements in your emails. Call to Action buttons can help you achieve your email marketing goals like nothing else. Therefore, try to include CTA elements in your email. However, make that they are prominently placed, do not ruin your message, and are easy to find and click on mobile phones.

#9 Keep your message precise and simple

Save lengthy text for blogs. In emails, people don’t want to read so much. If they can’t get to the key message within a couple of seconds, most people might just shut your email. Therefore, it is important to keep your message precise and simple. Make sure to use language in a way that your email is easily skimmable.

#10 Keep testing and improving

In online marketing, it is important to keep testing and improve constantly. Therefore, make sure to have a proper mechanism for performance tracking of your email marketing program. You can use a number of tools for that. This will allow you to find errors and rectify them, and help you identify scope for improvement to let you optimize accordingly.

Over to you

Marketing through emails is a highly effective digital marketing method for a business. If you do it right, you can improve your ROI and conversion rates like nothing else. And with the list of the best email marketing tips as given above, you can do just that! Or else, you can always find the right digital agency for you to do that!