Online shopping has grown manifolds in the recent years. Due to which many businesses have started building their own e-commerce site. A 24 percent increase has been witnessed in the number of e-commerce companies. With this competition is also getting more and more tough. Drawing traffic to the website is not as easy as it was few years ago.

So how do we make sure that we are always ahead of this competition. In digital marketing, there are plethora of marketing platforms and forms. There are many paid strategies to draw traffic to your e-commerce site. One such strategy is PPC or Pay-Per-Click.

In this article I am going to discuss effective PPC strategies which will help your e-commerce site to draw more traffic and rank higher in the search engine results page. All these tactics if implemented perfectly can increase the conversion rate of your site as well. First, lets see what is PPC.

What is PPC?

PPC or Pay-Per-Click is a type of online marketing which is a targeted customer strategy to draw traffic to the site shortly for brand promotion and services. It is a paid strategy where you pay a certain amount each time someone clicks on your ad. So, you are buying clicks to your site. The traffic is not organic in PPC. Like in SEO, the traffic is completely organic.

Search engine advertising is a famous example of PPC. This is done to increase the visibility of your site in the search engine results page. In PPC, advertisers bid for an ad placement in search engine sponsored links when someone searches keyword related to their brand products. Each time someone clicks on that ad, advertisers will pay a fee to search engine.

Now, let’s see some effective PPC tactics which you can use for your e-commerce site

Effective PPC guide for your e-commerce site

Effective PPC

➽ Optimize pages with products

It is important to optimize your product pages as it will improve your SEO as well. Write a compelling product title. Add the keywords in the title tag that people are searching online. Choose keywords that are relevant to your products and add them in your description. You need to write good, authentic description of your products and that should be relevant as well.

➽ Greet your customer

You can send your customer a nice package that has a handwritten note. Put a coupon in it for a future purchase. It may also have a referral card which they can give to a friend, this will provide a nice and warm experience to the customer, and it will really influence their future purchases as well, if they get a good experience shopping with you they will come back to you.

If your e-commerce platform send them products with utmost care, with a coupon then all these things will make them come back to your platform for future shopping.

This will increase your profitability and also increases revenue and get your brand going on your own website, which is what you want to do. So take advantage of these care packages.

➽ Update pages with products

Your product page should never look old and outdated. Update your product page regularly because a customer does not like to visit a page with bad sales pitch.

Put good photographs of the products as well. Make sure that the images are clear, attractive and optimized.You can also add a short video clip of a product. All these things increase the chances of conversion.

Highlight the important points like fast shipping, fast delivery, free shipping, pay on delivery. Allow people to review your products, it will build a trust among the customers. Having a review section increases the chances of sales.

➽ Run Google ads

What do the customers see when they search for something, let’s say leather shoes, they will click the shopping tab on Google, those are all ads. So if you want to be in that shopping tab then you need to make sure that you are running Google shopping ads.

You need to optimize the product ads based on the results. You can use e-commerce tracking tools to see the revenue generated from each product, you can monitor your ROI for each product. Increase the budget on those ads that are doing well and turn off those that aren’t doing well.

You can also run these ads on social media platforms. It will be beneficial for your business as social media has large number of audience that you can reach.

➽ Run targeting campaigns

If you are running a single campaign for your products then you will not gain much profit from it. You can use multiple campaign option by which you can run different campaigns on the same site. The dynamic ad automatically organizes your site into categories that are customized to your products. For instance, different category of “Smartphones”, likewise different category of “sports shoes” etc. This way multiple ads will be visible to the audience on your site and on social media as well.

➽ Use Email Marketing

The problem with a website is that you have to wait for the customers to find your site. It may take some time. Business put their resources on making their site visible to the customers so that they can make their first sale. But they don’t focus much on re-marketing that customer. This can be done via Email marketing. With email marketing you can set an automated campaign which can be mailed to the subscribers in an automated way. The campaign can be of a huge discount or an offer, end of season sale or anything like that.

To wrap up

Effective PPC tactics are really important for an e-commerce site in order to grow. Initially it is hard to draw customers and make sales. But gradually if you apply all these tactics you can see a huge improvement in the traffic on your site and the conversion rate as well.

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