We are moving away from the conventional methods of marketing to modern methods and a new domain that we are witnessing growing now is Digital Marketing. In the last few years, the reach of internet has increase to many times. So, to capitalize on this internet audience companies are extensively embracing Digital Marketing. Within Digital Marketing there is an important area of marketing and that is Content Marketing. We all know the importance of content. “Content is king” Bill gates quoted in the past which still holds true. Content can be of any kind, it could be in written form or in visual form. So producing good quality content matters so much to company for their business. Hence, in this article I am going to list some of the best platform for Content Marketing out there.

Content is directly linked to SEO. Businesses that produce original quality content receive rewards by search engine. So it becomes very important part of your SEO strategy as well. For any marketing strategy you need to have content, be it social media marketing, inbound marketing or even your PR strategy. That’s why you can easily see all the big brands have content marketing strategies.

So after laying out your content marketing strategies the next question you must be having in your mind is what some platforms you can use for content marketing are. Well, don’t you worry because I am going to aware you about some Top Notch platforms for content marketing

Top Notch platforms for content marketing

Content Marketing

Let’s cut to the chase


When you hear the word content what form of content does come to your mind, most probably written content. The conventional kind of written content like articles, editorials you can see in newspapers, magazines or journals. The online platforms for these articles are called blogs. So you write articles online and they are also called blogs. Just like newspaper articles; blogs can be of different kinds such as political blogs, entertainment blogs or sports blogs. Blogs are also written for the products or services of a particular brand.

As per a report, about 93% of B2B marketers use blogging as to grow their business. In order to do so, you need to produce exceptional quality blogs which should be original. They should be informative and should add some value to the life of the reader. Don’t make the mistake of copying somebody else’s work that will create problems for you as Google doesn’t like those websites that produce duplicated content. It will affect your rankings negatively. So try to be as authentic as you can.

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There was a time people used to enjoy reading books but now due to the invention of audio books they are shifting away from this good habit; anyways, so audio book is a form of podcast. Podcast is a digital audio file of a series or an episode focused on a particular topic or theme which can be easily downloaded as an audio file and can be listened to on computer, laptop or mobile phone. So if you don’t want to strain your eyes watching a series you can try podcast. They are usually on topics that are important to discuss.

For instance, one of the most famous podcast platforms is Ted Talks. They invite some famous experts of various domains to share their knowledge with people and share something new that otherwise we wouldn’t know. They speak on science, education, technology and others too. So podcast is a great platform to market your content. Whatever you are offering you can promote it by incorporating them in podcasts. For example, if you run an organization on mental health you can promote your content by producing a mental health talk series in form of podcasts.


YouTube is, hands down the most diverse platform of content. You have every kind of video on possibly every topic of this world. You have gaming videos, you have videos related to education, related to interesting stuff, related to artistic stuff and beyond that. It is a great platform for content marketing. You can make videos about your company and your services and upload them on YouTube. You can also share videos about your customer’s experience. It provides a great exposure to your company. This platform is more interactive with audience than blogs or podcasts. You can get feedback on what is good about your product or services and what are the shortcomings as well.

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Live video

Going live is on trend these days. Whether its YouTube or Instagram or Facebook, it provides a great way to interact with your audience and promote your content. Various ways are available to go live on video, first is social media platform, it is very common if you are doing social media marketing then this is one feature you should utilize completely. Going live is a great way to market your content.

Sometimes you need to talk about the content that you are putting out there in order for the audience to understand it properly like celebrities talk about their movies because you can’t expect the audience to figure everything out on their own. Sometimes you need to explain them what you are trying to offer them. There are many other platforms that host live streaming like webinars have become really popular especially after the pandemic started. These entire platforms are great way to promote your brand and business.

The bottom line

Content definitely matters when it comes to digital marketing. You’re marketing strategies are incomplete without planning out your content marketing tactics. By focusing on what your audience requires and expects you to give them according to that decide what platform is best for you or if you can use every platform mentioned here according to the needs of your audience that would be more than great. So, if you haven’t invested in Content marketing for your business, it’s time you do now. There is always a professional digital marketing agency in Mississauga that can help you with just that!

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