Instagram, the second most used social media platform with over a Billion monthly active users is under constant updates. Like other social media platform gets regular updates, so does Instagram. These updates impacts the users experience so whether you are a regular person scrolling through Instagram or a business trying Instagram for Digital Marketing, everybody should catch up with these Instagram updates. In today’s article I am going to talk about the latest Instagram updates that you must know. So let’s hop on because we have a lot get caught up on.

Instagram updates you must know

Instagram updates

➜ New DM features-Visual replies

This feature is available only for iOS users as of now. It is coming soon to Android. This feature added by Instagram has the ability to send visual replies to DM(Direct messages). This feature lets users to reply to a picture or video with one of their own. How you can access it? When you receive a message containing a picture or video, you have to tap the camera icon in order to capture a photo or video to reply with, or you can also upload the photos and video from your device’s media storage.

➜ New DM features-Inbox Seen States

This is a small update to Instagram DMs inbox. It makes easier for users to see when a person has seen their message. So now users have the ability to check out when the other person have read the message by checking their inbox. A text snippet will confirm that the message has been viewed. This feature was already available previously to users of Instagram its just that they have to open the window in order to do so. So it improves the quality of experience on Instagram.

➜ Add or change pronouns on profile

Instagram announced on Twitter “Add pronouns to your profile” This feature added by Instagram lets users to add a preferred pronoun to their profile. Instagram also informed that this feature is currently available in few countries viz, U.S, U.K, Australia and Canada. And they are planning to launch it in more countries. Using this feature a user can add up to four pronouns to their profile.

How you can add pronoun to your profile

  • Tap on your profile picture on the bottom right to go your profile
  • Tap “edit profile” below your profile information, then tap pronouns
  • Type your pronouns and then select from the results appearing below
  • You can choose the show to followers only setting by turning it on or off according to what you like
  • Tap Done in the next top right then tap Done again to save your profile information.

If you don’t find your pronoun you can submit your request to Instagram. You have to first update the app to access this feature. Instagram took the decision to roll out this feature because these days people are openly mentioning their pronoun by adding it in their names or in their bios. So you can now add up to four pronouns which will help other people refer to you correctly.

To wrap up

Social media is a place to communicate with friends and family and to promote a business as well. This platform has grown up so quickly that users expect them to give what they want in order to enhance their users experience with their platform. And that is why these apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more other social media platforms come up with these updates so that they don’t let down their users. Hence, it is very necessary to keep up with these updates.    

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