Artificial Intelligence has swayed almost all the industries and digital marketing is no exception. Therefore, in order to effectively market your brand and business on digital platforms, you need to understand how AI affects marketing industry. So, read this article and learn about important digital marketing AI trends.

AI is one such technology that has been growing rapidly and has been deepening its roots in many sectors. Digital marketing is no exception. In fact, best digital marketing agencies in Dallas credit a part of their top-notch services and high efficiency to the use of AI powered marketing technologies.

Moreover, studies after studies and stats after stats show that smart business which use artificial intelligence achieve higher efficiency than the rest while also cutting great costs and making increased profit.

So, since AI now has such an undeniably important role to play in digital marketing, one needs to be through with its current trends to make the most of it. So, read on to learn about that.

Top digital marketing trends for businesses

Digital Marketing AI trends you should know

#AI is growing

Well, one thing that is very clear is, AI is growing like anything. And the same way, it is deepening its roots more and more in business industry as well. For various business functions like staff management, marketing, production, and so on are now, businesses are now integrating AI technologies. So yes, in case of marketing, AI is only spreading its domain and it’s a safe assumption that it’s going to be like this for years to come. In fact, digital marketing agencies in New York are increasingly stepping towards more and more AI integration. Therefore, it is best of businesses to already start optimize their marketing and other functions accordingly.

#AI powered chatbots

Chatbots have been around for quite some time now. But the thing to notice is not more and more businesses are moving from Chatbots that’d just generate automated texts to the ones that are capable of holding intelligence communication with humans. Though there are still not so many businesses that have started using AI powered chatbots. But looking at the pattern, it will become a norm in near future. And if you want to be in the frontlines of your industry, this is something worth investing into.

#Advanced Predictive analytics

While the use of predictive analytics and forecasting in digital marketing is not a news, what’s worth noticing is how rapidly this trend is advancing. And soon, it’ll become a norm. It is no more limited to business giants with heavy marketing funds. In fact, even small and mid-sized businesses are now enjoying such technologies. With its unmatched computing power, it helps marketers get highly useful and actionable insights about their customers. This further allows them to predict future outcomes of how customers would respond to their marketing campaigns and channels more accurately.

#Ad targeting

Even in outbound marketing methods like advertisements, the use of artificial intelligence is now allowing marketers to target relevant audience with it. Facebook ads are the prime example of it. Integration of machine learning with advertising technologies has made it possible to process tons of customer data and display ads to them based on it. And since the ads are personalized based on their likings and behaviors, customers generally find such ads useful and engage with them in a way that is more profitable for businesses. As a result, businesses enjoy greater returns on marketing investment.

#Hyper-segmented groups

The target market of a business generally has a number of segmentation. So, the marketing channel or message that is relevant for one segment may not be so for the other segment within the same target market. Thus, there is a need for further segmentation—especially in marketing channels like email marketing. However, processing such loads of data and creating segmented groups for different campaigns can get really difficult. But with AI powered technologies like, you can dump these worries. Such tools are equipped to deal with the vast amounts of customer data and create hyper-segmented groups based on it which allows marketers to further refine their targeting.

#Optimized timings

On the internet, especially on social media platforms, everything is moving very fast. Lots and lots of content are archived within minutes. In such a scenario, the time at which you air your marketing campaigns also play a great role in determining how your audience will engage with it. And with AI technologies, you can easily learn about the peak engagement hours for your business’s marketing content on different online channels. This allows marketers to optimize the timing of their campaigns accordingly. This is another important digital marketing AI trend you can’t ignore.

#Visual search

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning is getting more and more advanced. Every gap between the potential customers and businesses is being bridged by such technologies. Now, if you see a product and you have no single information on it, just click its picture, and run it on image search. And you’ll easily be able to find businesses that sell the said product. Google Lens is the prime example of it. So, that’s another way AI is shaping digital marketing.

Final Word

AI has been influencing digital marketing industry for quite some years now. And in order to stay competent in this industry, one needs to catch up on important marketing AI trends. In fact, digital marketing agencies in Chicago make it a point to keep their AI technology update for the best results. So, make sure you keep all these points in mind and upgrade your marketing technologies accordingly.

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