As you must know social media platforms are the best and most effective place for marketing. Every social media platform provides something unique and different which helps in promoting the business in an effective way. Pinterest is quite different from other social media platforms. In today’s article, I will be talking about some methods you can use Pinterest for E-commerce marketing.

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Pinterest gives you many benefits ranging from qualified sales to building strong brand image. If you use Pinterest in the right way you can gain massive traffic and leads. By choosing Pinterest as a marketing platform you can easily strengthen your e-commerce marketing. Here are Benefits of using Pinterest for Online Business

Methods to use Pinterest for E-commerce Marketing

Pinterest for E-commerce Marketing

Pinterest is a Powerful social media platform that is popularly in use these days because of the luxuries it provides to the e-commerce company owners. If you use and implement it in the correct way, it can play a great role in your e-commerce marketing strategy. Here I have compiled some methods you can use Pinterest for E-commerce marketing.

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1. Start a business account

Companies that have a verified business account on Pinterest are more likely to get more attention from the audience. To set up a business account you need to fill in the information about your company and agree to the Pinterest terms and services. Next, you have to verify your website to let people know that you are a trustworthy business to invest in. Then another important thing is to create a strong profile with appropriate images and other important things.

2. Create and manage boards

If you have used Pinterest before then you may be aware that you are required to post on the self-created boards. So before doing the posting, create a variety of different boards that showcase your company services. After this, you have to start adding different pins to the boards to make your board substantial. People will be choosing according to their own choice so every board might not be able to look appealing.

3. Use high-quality images

Images are a crucial part of online marketing. Without using quality images you can never showcase your actual services and they become really important when we talk about E-commerce marketing. Correct pixels and size of the image must be used in your pins so that the audience can easily look through the details and the information on it.

4. Add pin it feature to your product pages

This is a very crucial strategy in using Pinterest for e-commerce marketing. By adding a pin it feature to your product page you can make it easier for the audience to share your pins on their boards. This will also help you in connecting directly with your customers. In order to do this go to the Widget builder page and then follow the further steps which will help you in adding the feature. Here is how to Run Paid Ads in Pinterest with these Simple tips

Embed Pinterest boards on your website

This is a necessary step to follow to do the e-commerce marketing. Embed your Pinterest boards to the website. Besides this, ensure to add the product pins in the Pinterest account itself. Some advantages are mentioned below:

  • You will be getting higher Click Through Rates
  • You will get more visibility
  • Includes options like prices and features

5. Share Pinterest account

Sharing is something which you can’t ignore while using social media. Sharing is the soul of social media. How can you reach the maximum people on the internet? By sharing details of your services. This will increase your reach to the audience to the maximum extent. Share and ask people to share your Pinterest on their social media profiles. This will help your business to grow the customer base.

Wrapping it up

Pinterest is expanding rapidly and there is no doubt about it. Depending on whether you are using the right strategies on Pinterest you can make or break your sales. Therefore, in order to improve your traffic and sales, follow the above mentioned strategies in letter and spirit.

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