In content marketing, images play a great role. And infographics are one of the most used image types in digital marketing. Therefore, today we are going to talk about some types of inforaphics in this article. This will allow you to ensure that you use the right kind of infographic to present particular information. So, make sure to check them all out!

Visuals play and extremely important role in marketing. In fact, most popular kinds of content used in marketing are actually visual like videos, images, and so on. And one such kind of content is infographics. When it comes to presenting heavy, complex, or boring information, infographics are the best thing to use.

For that matter, digital marketing agencies in Dallas found that businesses that focus on infographics tend to have better performing blogs. However, there are different types of blogs. And it is important to know about them in order to ensure that you use the right infographic format for particular information. So, check out the list given below.

Types of infographics used in in marketing

Types of Infographics used in Marketing

#Single chart

Single chart is a type of infograhic that is used to visualize data using one chart as the focal point. It is a type of statistical inforgraphic that is famously used on social media. As digital marketing agencies in Chicago tell, this is so since information presented in such format tends to get higher audience engagement and social sharing.

#Mixed chart

For a mixed chart infographic, a variety of charts are used to represent stats and data. It comes in very handy to make a broad subject easy to grasp. The viewer gets a quantitative, practical, and brief view of the said information.


As the name suggests, list-type infographic records a number of items in a list. This type of infographic mainly uses text and may or may not use images. By using such image, you can beautify simple, plain data into an engaging and appealing list.


Just like a typical flow chart, this infographic has information starting from a single point and then it branches off in different directions. This branching off of information is generally marked by possible decisions and routes that are taken in relation to the said subject.

#Step by step guide

One of the most used infographics on the internet is step by step guides. Such guides illustrate steps taken to complete a process of making or doing something with the help of a combination of images and texts, or just images. This type of infographic can simplify any type of process.


Hierarchal infographic places items or subjects on one another in a particular order. Such order represents progression of different levels in a hierarchy. With the help of it, you can organize information and data based on their levels.


When you want to compare and show contrasts or similarities between two things, you use comparison infographic. Such images are generally vertically divided into two parts witch each side containing features of the said thing. It uses a variety of texts and images.

#Location based

When you are trying to communicate trend and patterns of something across different locations, location based infographics can be really useful. You can use it to compare global and regional statistics on a given subject. A variety of color codes, icons, and symbols can be used to highlight a particular region for giving certain information, just like we do on a map. This type of visualization make diverse data and information easy to grasp and consume.

#Visualized number

When in an image, statistics and figure are visualized with the help of graphic elements, images, symbols, icons, and so on, it is called a visualized number infographic. Such infographic make data easier to grasp, appealing, and engaging.


If you want to break down a complex mechanism into simple pieces that helps understand the functioning of the whole thing, then anatomical infographics may be the right thing to use. This is also very helpful in understanding the parts of something, as in how they work and contribute to the whole system, and so on.

Wrapping up

For effective marketing, good visual content is imperative. And infographics are one such content type. Such images typically used a variety of text and visual aesthetics to present a particular information. Depending on what type of information you want to present, there are a different types of infographics. And that’s just what the list given above can help you identify. Or else, you can leave your all marketing worried in the hands of professional digital marketing agencies in San Francisco.

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