Backlinks have great significance in digital marketing, especially when it comes to optimizing for search engines. Without quality backlinks, one can’t get the best of search engine optimization. Hence, in this article, you will learn about why quality backlinks are so important and some of the best ways to earn them. So, let’s begin.

When your webpage gets a backlink from a trusted authority within your industry, it means that they are giving your business a vote of confidence. It shows that the websites you have got backlinks from believe that you have great content, so much so that they even direct their own audience to your website. And that’s just what Google is looking for. So, it gives a ranking boost to a website that has earned quality backlinks. this explains why quality backlink building is such an important part of SEO services.

Now, if you have noticed, I didn’t say just backlinks but ‘quality’ backlinks. Before we delve further into the ways how you can earn quality backlinks, let’s talk a little about why the quality matters so much.

Why the quality of backlink is so important?

Had it been just about having backlinks, anyone could have done it. And for that matter, spammy sites or those which have bought or swapped the most backlinks would be ranked. But that’s not the case.

A quality backlink is the one that you get from a relevant trusted authority within your business. Such backlinks can’t be bought and mostly can’t be swapped like that. If anything, swapping and buying backlinks leads to penalization because Google’s algorithm can easily catch on such practices.

In fact, a website with lesser backlinks would be able to rank better than one with more backlinks simply because its backlinks are better in quality. And hence the quality of such links is an important concern.

With this clear, read the following tips to help your earn quality backlinks.

Tips to earn quality backlinks

Importance of Quality Backlinks & How to Earn them

>> Write amazing content

The quality of your content plays a very important role in earning you backlinks. If you have great content, other websites would naturally want to link with you. And in any case, writing quality content is not a choice but a necessity when it comes to backlinks. If you don’t have good content that can give people great value, then why would a website link with you and direct their audience to you? So, the first thing you do is focus on the quality of your content.

>> Create guides

Creating guides on your industry-specific subjects can also be really helpful. Here’s an example of how backlinks work. You wrote an amazing SEO guide and it is discovered by a digital agency in New York. Now, they have a blog about SEO services but apparently can’t talk about such a vast topic in detail within the same post. So, they link it to your SEO blog instead. And voila! You have a useful backlink.

>> Skyscraper content marketing

Another way of earning backlinks is skyscraper content marketing. Now, what is that? It is a content marketing method where you look for a blog that has earned great rankings and backlinks. Now you reproduce a blog on the topic same as that of the original blog, but better. Once you have managed to do that, you can approach the websites that have linked to the original blog and ask them to link to yours instead. If your content is actually better than the original one then in most cases, they’d love to link to your blog instead. And there are your quality backlinks.

>> Look for brand mentions

Many times, your brand/business might get mentioned around on the internet but not get linked back to your website. If you manage to find those mentions, you can request the webmaster to link them to your website. And in most cases, they’d be happy to do that. You can use a brand monitoring tool and easily find out such mentions.

>> Get listed in relevant listicles

Listicles are online articles that list something. You know, for example, articles that go like “Top 15..” or “15 best” etc. They could be listing restaurants, gyms, bakeries, digital services, and so on. In all probability, you will find listicles that list businesses like yours. You could approach them and ask them to include you or replace you with a lesser good option. If you manage to convince them that your business would indeed be a valuable addition or replacement to the list, the chances are they’d love to link with your website.

>> Turn broken links into backlinks

You may come across a blog that has an external broken link. Now, if you think that a blog of yours can replace it, you can approach the webmaster and ask them to replace the broken link with one to your website. And since broken links would be undesirable for them as well, if your blog content fits well in their context, they’d love to link with your website. Many times you might even not have the right content already. In that case, be ready to write a new one.

>> Earn links from resource pages

Resource pages are those websites that list links to external websites in order to provide useful information. You may understand a resource page as a macro blog with external links to different blogs within the same niche or subject. For example, if a digital marketing agency in Dallas decides to have a resource page about explaining digital marketing, which is a very wide subject, it could link to a number of digital marketing blogs for sub-topics like SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, and so on.

So, if you manage to find such a resource page that is relevant to your niche and you think you can make a great addition to their page, approach the webmaster. They’d most likely link to you since they are themselves looking for useful links.


Short for Help A Reporter Out, HARO is a platform where reporters and journalists seek information and quotes from businesses within specific industries in order to write good stories. By giving a meaningful answer to their question, you can earn yourself a backlink from their news article. Your pitches might not succeed initially but keep improving the quality of your answers and keep pitching.

Key takeaway

The quality of the backlinks plays an extremely important role in SEO. In order to improve ranking, a website should focus on the quality of its link rather than the quantity since a website with lesser in number but higher in quality links can rank better than that with many but inferior quality links. As you’d realize having read the tips, the key to earning quality backlinks is to create top-shelf quality content and keep looking for linking opportunities. And if that’s too much to do, you can also rely on the professional digital services in Chicago.

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