Customer satisfaction plays a great role in determining the success of a business. If the customers are satisfied, it is a good indicator for a business and vice versa. And for an online business, it is important to give its customers and visitors a great experience on their website since a website is the central focus of a business’s online presence. So, where does mobile optimization fit in this context? Why is it so important and how can you optimize for it? This post answers all such questions.

Optimizing your website and other marketing channels for mobile phones is extremely crucial. In fact it has been so for a few years now. A website that is not optimize for mobile phones is already far behind. However, it is still surprising how many businesses still haven’t improved their website for a better mobile experience. But many businesses are now hiring digital marketing services in New York to optimize their online presence for mobile devices.

So, let’s get to the point and find out…

Mobile Optimization—Importance and Tips

Why mobile optimization is important?

There are a number of reasons why you need to optimize your website for mobile phones.

Search Engine Optimization

According to Google, these points sum up why mobile optimization is important for SEO:

  • More than half of the searches on Google are done using mobile phones. So, in all likelihood, over a half of your target market uses mobile phones for searching queries related to your business.
  • Most advertisers receive the majority of their traffic from mobile phone users.
  • Google prioritizes mobile optimized websites when it comes to SERP ranking. It is focused on giving a great user experience to mobile users since they now dominate the internet searchers’ population.
  • Visitors are five times more likely to abandon your website if it not optimized for mobile phones.

So, all these points establish how important mobile optimization is for successful SEO.

Apart that, mobile optimization plays a great role in…

User Experience

When a customer or a lead engages with your business online, it is crucial to ensure that they have a great experience. And since most online consumers use mobile devices to engage with businesses, improving your website and other marketing channels can help you give them a great experience. As a result, they’d be more likely to engage with your business in a way that is gainful to you. You will enjoy higher ROI and better conversion rates, along with positive SEO results, of course.

How to optimize your online business for mobile phones?

#Responsive Web Design

Having a responsive web design for your website is crucial. It helps make sure that your website renders and displays well on the screen of a variety devices. Thus, with such web development practice, you can ensure that not only does your website render well on desktop and laptop devices but also on mobile devices like tablets, smartphones, etc.

#Fast loading website

Your website loading speed plays a great role in determining its bounce rate and UX. Websites, especially those accessed through mobile phones, experience a high rate of site abandonment if it takes longer than 2-3 seconds to load. Therefore, you need to improve your website’s speed.

#Reliable web host

The quality of your web host also plays a great role in determining how well your website works on mobile phones. If you compromise on this one, there can be no fixes for your website that can make it perform better. So, make sure that your web host assures high speed and security for your website. Investing in a dedicated server can also be greatly helpful in improving your website’s speed and security.

#Ads and pop-ups

Ads and pop-ups are necessary evils for a website. However, you need to make sure that they don’t ruin your visitors’ experience. Therefore, make sure that your ads are not placed in a way that breaks your website’s content or interrupt your user’s experience—a mistake that many websites make.

As for the pop-ups, they should be:

  • Non obstructive
  • Easy to close

However, pop-ups containing necessary information are an exception. E.g. cookie notices.

#Mobile app

Investing in app development to create a mobile app for your business can be really beneficial for your business. People love engaging with mobile apps and thus, it is the ultimate form of mobile optimization.

#Other marketing channels

It is not only your website that you optimize for mobile phones. You need to find scope for mobile optimization on other platforms and channels too using which you connect with your audience. There are a few examples:

  • Email marketing: Make sure your emails are mobile friendly, that is, they should be easy to open and load in mobile phones (along with their designs, media, etc.)
  • Social media marketing: Some media files can be hard to open in mobile phones. It can be due to size or the format. Just make sure that you use proper file formats and size that gives optimal experience to your mobile audience.

#Keep testing

And lastly, mobile optimization is not a one-time job. It is important that you keep tracking your performance regularly and keep ensuring that your website and other marketing channels are optimized for mobile phones. For your website, you can use tools like Google’s Mobile-Friendly Tool which allows webmasters to find whether or not their website is mobile friendly.

Final Word

Mobile optimization is utterly crucial for online businesses. It is not something you can overlook now. Or else, it’d take down your SEO, various digital marketing campaigns, and your business’s overall online presence. And while the tips given above can come in really handy, you can always hire digital marketing agencies in Chicago for the best results.

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