None of us will ever forget 2021 as it was a lot tougher than 2020. Nevertheless, this year brought smiles to the faces of online businesses as the pandemic gave a boost to the e-commerce industry. This is the best time to promote your brand, attract customers and generate more sales. We are about a couple of hours away from New Year 2022 and holiday shopping is in full swing. So, grab this opportunity and start working on your marketing strategy for New Year. Take New Year as an opportunity to make new beginnings. Give a refreshing twist to your marketing campaign this New Year. In this blog post, I have curated a list of New Year marketing tips to kick-start your 2022. Without any further ado, let’s start with the post

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New Year Marketing tips to Kick-start 2022

New Year Marketing Tips

Crush your New Year Marketing Campaign with the following marketing tips

✅ Exclusive New Year’s Sale

It is an amazing idea to have an exclusive New Year’s sale even if you are not launching any new product. You should promote your sale as New Year-centric in order to generate some buzz among customers. Shopping is going in full swing and customers are waiting for better bargains. This is the opportunity to give your customers what they want. The best way to do it is by using flash sales. Customers purchasing from these flash sales will help you in clearing out your inventory. To make the sale more appealing, offer discounts to your customers in the form of coupons.

✅ Use social media on New Year

Social media is the go-to destination for marketing and you can’t afford to miss this platform. You have to promote your brand on social media so that maximum users can notice it and what better time it is than New Year. Utilize social media to posts to get your customers excited about your brand in the year 2022. Welcoming New Year 2022 on social media is very crucial for your marketing. You can promote the products you will be launching in the New Year which will give an idea to the customers about what they can expect from you in 2022. This will benefit you in two ways- first by increasing your sales and second by enhancing your brand awareness.

✅ New Year mail is all you need

Who says emails are out of style now? In fact, there is nothing better than sending New Year wishes through emails. Show your customers that you care by sending them personalized New Year wishes by email. Use email marketing to your advantage and send professional looking New Year mails to your customers. This will make them feel like you care about them. You can even personalize your mails by adding your customer’s contact details and dynamic content specific to each recipient. Personalized emails will help you stand out and create genuine interactions with your audience. There are more chances of your mails getting noticed by your customers as people check their mails frequently.

✅ Launch new products

Launching new products at the start of the New Year is one of the most famous New Year’s marketing tactics. Create a buzz around your new product before launching it. Tease your customers by giving them a little sneak peek of your product. Launch heavy marketing campaigns throughout December which will ultimately lead to the product launch. The best time to launch the product is when the clock hits midnight. A post-midnight sale is just what you need when you launch a new product with a lot of buzz created around it.

But, you need to ensure you are explaining what your product is and how it is better than your previous products. You can also offer special discounts and coupons to your customers on their first purchase. But, it is important to get enough traffic to your site if you want to make good sales. Just by promoting your products on social media is not enough to attract customers. You have to try other ways such as Google Ads and social media Ads. These will help you draw traffic to your site.

✅ Create contests

New Year is the day when people make resolutions. And resolutions need motivation and inspiration. So, you can create contests where people can share what inspires them. Your customers can share inspiration quotes and messages on social media with a unique brand hashtag which will increase your visibility on the social media. You can use those quotes to create content through which you can promote your brand and products. You can offer prizes to those users who get maximum likes, comments and shares on their post. Respond to posts by commenting which will enhance social visibility and engagement with the audience.

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Final thoughts

New Year’s Day is the end of the past year and a new beginning with loads of opportunities. Launching products, create buzz around them, using social media and email marketing, contests can help you make the most of this time of the year. These above mentioned New Year Marketing tips will boost your brand awareness and increase sales. Struggling with online marketing? San Francisco Digital Marketing Company will help you out.

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