Facebook’s Video is now the pre-eminent medium for brands to reach their customers. The important thing to note here is that the main factor affecting the performance of video ads is not where they are placed or who they are targeting but, it is their creative quality. Recently, a research is published in a Facebook-commissioned report on social media video effectiveness. Facebook has shared few tips for creating better video ads, which are based on the latest research into what’s working right now. In today’s article, I will be mentioning few tips which you can use to improve your Facebook’s Video Ads

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Tips to improve your Facebook’s Video Ads

Facebook’s Video Ads

Facebook has come up with 11 best practices for improving video ads on Facebook through extensive research and testing. These practices are separated by two categories – Best Practice and Highly Recommended. Here I have compiled those 11 tips that you can use to improve your Facebook’s Video Ads

Best Practices for Video Ads

Facebook’s definition of a best practice is something that every marketer must aim to accomplish for every ad they produce.

1. Mobile-first

A vertical 4:5 format can be used on Facebook and a square format on Instagram. Besides that, Ads must be made for the platform where majority of the people will view them. Not sure how to start Facebook Advertising campaign? Digital Marketing Company in Chicago will help you out.

2. Sound-off

Video ads must be able to be viewed, understood, and enjoyed without sound. Besides that, Autoplaying ads without sound on Facebook are necessary to capture attention.

3. Showcasing product or service

The main focus of the ad must be the product or service being sold. Highlighting some other things can confuse the customers. Here is how to Create a Public Figure Page on Facebook with these simple steps

4. Single focus

Your video ad on Facebook must communicate a clear and single message. Keep yourself away from squeezing multiple messages into one ad.

5. Highlight your brand

The creative’s branding and message of the ad must appear near the start of the video. The report says it helps with retention.

6. Get to the point

It is important to get straight to the point in the video ad. This is because having the message front and center makes it easier for customers to get the key details. Your customers may miss the information if the message is later in the video. Video Marketing Strategy- Importance and Tips

7. Use movement

Great edits can easily grab the attention of the viewers. Having fast edits or movement at the start of an ad can capture customer’s attention and make it more likely for them to watch the whole video.

Highly Recommended Video Ad Practices

Highly recommended principle practices can enhance the quality of ad creature, but they are not 100% necessary for all ads.

Facebook says, you should at least try to experiment with these factors.

8. Say less

Ads must be concise in their messaging. An ad that’s short and crisp is likely to be more effective than a longer one.

9. Non-traditional storytelling

Because customers often view only a fraction of video ads, try using an arc of storytelling that starts with a bang before concluding shortly afterwards.

10. Keep their interest

Including more peaks in the story via twists and surprises can hold viewers’ attention until the end.

11. Visual interests

You can include bright colours as well as close ups of any details or features. If we consider the size of a mobile screen, close ups can more effectively show as well as communicate the product or service.   

Wrapping it up

Without a doubt, Facebook is the best place to run video ads as it has the maximum number of users all around the world. In an online survey, Facebook found that, on an average, 70% of the potential ROI from video ads comes from the creative itself, while the rest 30% is driven by the executional elements.

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