Do you want to boost your site’s SEO using social media? Is it even possible? Does social media tactics affects SEO in anyway? These are some of the frequently asked questions by social media and SEO experts. Let’s find out the answers to these questions.

The most commonly asked question regarding social media is “Does social media affects SEO rankings”? Well, the straight answer would be ‘No” Social Media does not directly influence SEO rankings. Having said that, social media can impact factors that affect your site’s ranking. Social media can draw good amount of traffic to your site, which in turn, helps your site rank in the SERPs. When you share links of your page on social media, your site’s traffic get a boost. Hence, we can’t totally undermine social media’s role in SEO. In today’s article, I am going to talk about some powerful social media tactics that you can use to boost your SEO.

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Powerful Social Media Tactics to Boost Site’s SEO

Social Media Tactics SEO

As I mentioned previously, social media can help draw traffic to your site. You can generate more leads engaging with your content. This will help improve your SEO rankings. Here are some powerful social media tactics you can use to boost your site’s SEO.

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✅ Grow your followers

You should start by improving your social media presence if you want to help your SEO campaign. One of the best ways to grow your social media is by growing your followers. This is because when you have more number of followers on your social profile, you create opportunity for more people to see your content.

Here, it is important that you earn your followers organically. Not that you can’t buy followers, but Google will identify that those followers are not quality leads. If those paid leads visit your site, it will not help to improve your SEO ranking in anyway. If you want to gain more valuable followers, you have to consistently present your brand to your audience. You must post interesting and valuable information which will get them engaged. People tend to share your content if they find it interesting which will allow more people to see your content. Digital Marketing Agency in Los Angeles will help you in growing your social media followers.

✅ Engage with your audience

Social media provides you the best opportunity to form a direct connection with your audience. You need to develop a great and personal connection with your audience in order to build a good reputation for your business. By engaging with your audience, you will create a personal connection with them. It will make them feel more connected to your business. When you have a good reputation with your audience, they are more likely to spread positive information about your business to others. Then they will also be willing to share your content.

✅ Share content

The most important way to boost SEO ranking through social media is by sharing content on your social platforms. Content is the best methods out there to generate leads. With content, you need to focus on quality over quantity. Your content should provide some value to your audience; otherwise they won’t show any interest in it. Your content must be fresh and authentic. Audience will not engage with tons of low-quality content on your site. Not sure how to write effective content for your website? Digital Marketing Agency in San Francisco will help you out.  

Avoid posting similar type of content; your audience will get bored if you post same type of content. When it comes to content marketing, social media is the best place. When you share your content with others, it gives you the opportunity to earn backlinks for your site. Backlinks are basically links to your page from other quality, authoritative pages. Backlinks are important as they boost your site’s SEO. They enhance your authority and credibility. These backlinks will improve your rankings in the search results and allow you to reach more leads. When you share your content on social media, it presents the opportunity to earn valuable backlinks. Here are some Platforms that are perfect for content marketing

✅ Identify what your audience wants

You should not “Post and forget” your content. After posting content, you must find out how your audience is reacting to your content. Do they like it? Is your audience engaging with your content or they want anything else? The type of content you will produce depends on your audience’s behaviour.

Some of your content may be garnering a lot of engagement while other content may not get that level of engagement. So, you need to monitor the level of engagement between your audience and content to see which content drives the maximum interest. You will then create the kind of content that gets more engagement. This will increase the engagement and social shares.

✅ Build brand awareness

Brand awareness is crucial for earning conversions down the line. When your leads are familiar with your brand, they are more likely to go for you over others. Social media marketing is a great way to build brand awareness. When you are putting your brand on social media in front of your audience, it will get more exposure. You have to post on your social media consistently because that will continually expose your brand to your audience. You should keep your posts consistent by implementing your business’s unique style.

✅ Use Hashtags

Hashtags are crucial elements of social media. They help drive quality traffic to your social media pages. You will draw leads that are interested in your content by using hashtags on your social media posts. Number of hashtags you will use depends on the social media platform. For instance, Twitter is more popular for using Hashtags. But on Twitter, you can use few hashtags because there are only 280 characters you can write. Hashtags are like keywords of social media. They help in drawing more people to your posts, which in turn, will generate more leads, and eventually more traffic to your site.

Wrapping it up

Social media is no longer a place to connect and communicate with your friends and family members. It has transformed into one of the best places for online marketing. This is totally justifiable given the enormous audience active on social media. Hence, you must utilize social media effectively.

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