Who does not know the importance of digital marketing for online business? Regardless of the size of your business, digital marketing can never go out of style. It can be really expensive to run a business and it can be even more expensive to promote a business. However, there are some cost-efficient tactics of digital marketing for your business. In today’s article, I will be talking about seven cost-efficient tactics of digital marketing you can use for your business.  

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7 Cost-efficient Tactics of Digital Marketing for Business

Cost-efficient Tactics Digital Marketing

There are many powerful digital marketing tactics that don’t require a lot of money. You just need some time and strategies that smart marketing requires. Here I have compiled such cost-efficient tactics of digital marketing for business

Let’s have a look at them

1. Look for unlinked mentions

This is a great way to get links and boost site authority. You have to look for unlinked mentions of your brand or company name. Then what you need to do is email the site editor of any online publications or sites where you see such mentions and ask them to provide a link. You can discover so many brand mentions all over the web. This will get you good backlinks for free. Ways to Start a Digital Marketing Channel in a Day

2. Blog commenting

With marketing you are making your brand presence as well-known as possible. One great way of doing so is blog commenting. How does this work?

  • First off, you have to identify top 5 blogs related to your business or industry
  • Then, read and comment regularly on those blogs.
  • Your name and brand will be visible to the readers of those blogs. They will become more familiar with it

Your comments are persistently establishing your brand’s presence. Important thing to note here is your comment must not be dumb or irrelevant or low-quality. Your comments must be high-quality which will create a good perception of your brand by the readers.

3. More user-generated content

It is evident that content marketing is effective for inbound marketing. But you have to be careful with content marketing otherwise it can be expensive for you. User-generated content is the solution for how to gain more content without spending entire marketing budget. Encourage your current customers to share their story and experience with your products and services. Your audience will be able to connect and engage more with such content. This will motivate more people to share content for you. Top Evergreen Marketing Tips that you should know!

4. Communicate with followers

People like to feel special and appreciated. You can make them feel that way by communicating with them. How to communicate with followers? By retweeting, liking comments and replying to them, sharing their posts, and answering their DMs. By talking to your followers you will be able to develop a bond and connection with them. They will return the favour and engage at a deeper level.

5. Guest blogging

This is one of the best cost-efficient digital marketing tactics. By posting blogs on other’s blogs you will get reach to their visitors or users. Guest blogging is absolutely free. You just have to write a top notch article which is valuable and informative for their audience. If their audience like your content, you will observe immense increase in your website’s traffic, leads and conversions. Important Tips for Beginner Guest Bloggers

6. Create your own hashtag

Hashtags have immense benefits. The right hashtag can increase your followers as well as it can get you quality leads. For that, you have to create your own hashtag. Then, use that hashtag everywhere you post, on every social media platform. Hashtag will increase your visibility and you will get new followers.

7. Create a LinkedIn group

LinkedIn is a great platform for building quality connections. This platform gives you the opportunity to promote your business among the right people. And the best part is- it is completely free. You can utilize LinkedIn to connect with people, publish content, and build a marketing group with thousands of members. You can do this too. Create a LinkedIn group of your niche or industry. Invite authoritative and established industry players to join that group. This will enhance your brand awareness. It will help you in building connections with established people.

Wrapping it up

Stop believing that marketing needs huge investment, it needs to burn up a hole in your pocket and so on and so forth. Marketing can be done without a spending a single buck if you do it smartly. These were great cost-efficient tactics that you have to use smartly to promote your business.

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